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Modern and Classical Languages

Modern and Classical Languages

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Photos of Study Abroad - Mexico 2016

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 Photos of Study Abroad - Spain 2016


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Study Abroad-Cuernavaca, Mexico 2017

This total immersion program, based on each student's previous study of Spanish, will broaden both linguistic and cultural competence, in hopes of enhancing student understanding of the cultural dimensions of the Spanish language within the Mexican culture.

Spanish Language & Culture in Mexico

June 2 - July 1, 2017

Cost: $3876 

The package includes airfare, course fees, room and board, most meals, transportation to destinations during all overnight excursions, and lodging during all overnight excursions.  This package does NOT include CSU tuition, transportation to and from local excursions, meals on overnight excursions, public transportation on overnight excursions, optional excursions, and personal expenses, etc.

Application Process:

• Interview with CSU in Mexico Director, Dr. Alyce Cook
• Sign student contract page and CIE student information page.
• Pay $200 non-refundable deposit to CIE. (The deposit counts toward the total price.)
• Contact CIE regarding scholarships.

Payment Process and Calendar:

• Upon signing the student contract, a non-refundable deposit of $200.00 is due immediately and is credited toward the total cost.   The deposit secures participation in the program.
• CIE will inform you of payment dates.
• May 2012: CSU tuition is billed and must be paid. (to be paid as normal CSU tuition; i.e., not at CIE)


For more information contact:

Dr. Alyce Cook
Faculty Office Building, Room 216

Study Abroad-Seville, Spain 2017

Live and study in the historically and culturally rich region of Andalusia in Seville, Spain.  Immerse yourself in the Spanish language while earning 9 credit hours.  This program is for all majors.

Spanish Language & Culture in Southern Spain

May 14 - June 18, 2017

Students will have the opportunity to experience the language and culture of Spain while living in the Andalusia region.  While living with local families, students will get to know the palaces, gardens, architecture and the religious sites of the Roman, Islamic, Jewish and Christian communities in Southern Spain.  

Course Information

Required: SPAN 4899 (3 hours)

Students will select two courses below based on their language level:

Lower Level
SPAN 1002 (3 hours)
SPAN 2001 (3 hours)
SPAN 2002 (3 hours)
Advanced Level
SPAN 3150 (3 hours)
SPAN 3160 (3 hours)
SPAN 3166 (3 hours)
SPAN 3170 (3 hours)
SPAN 4115 (3 hours)
SPAN 4117 (3 hours)
SPAN 4118 (3 hours)


Cost: $5,330 for the five week program 

The package cost includes roundtrip airfare, most meals, accommodations, transportation for required excursions related to the course and insurance.  This package cost does not include tuition, optional excursions, meals on excursions, additional transport in country, course supplies, personal expenses, etc.

Payment Schedule

$200.00 due with application  Deadline to apply February 10, 2017.  Please complete the online application (click here).

$2,565.00 due by February 10th

$2,565.00 due by March 10th

Tuition is separate.  Grants and Scholarships are available for eligible students.

For more information contact:

Dr. Bobby Nixon
Faculty Office Building, Room 219